Bee Pollen For Allergies

Bee pollen for allergies has been an
accepted treatment for generations of people who suffer from specific types of
pollen-induced allergies and hay fever.
It is believed that the first use of the
bee by-product for the treatment of allergies was in England, but since then
this treatment has traveled around the world.
As A Treatment For Allergies

Bee pollen as a treatment for allergies
works pretty much on the same principle as a vaccination does.

In the case of vaccinations patients are
administered a small dosage of the germ that causes the disease. This allows
the body to build up immunity to the disease preventing people from contacting
and experiencing the full force of the disease itself.

On the other hand, the pollen is used to
treat allergies that already exist.
Because it naturally contains a variety of different pollens taking it
will give you a small dose of the pollen that is causing the allergy.

This results in a minute allergic
response. Over time the immune system
stops over-reacting to the allergen.
This is known as desensitization.

The pollen product may work in another way
as well.

While the hyper reaction by the immune
system is caused by an imbalance in the immune system, and while it’s
associated nutrients are believed to provide balance and strengthen the immune
system, bee pollen’s use may help tame reactions to some allergens.

Is There Any Evidence That Bee Pollen
Can Treat Allergies?

Many people find themselves wondering if
there is any evidence the pollen product can alleviate allergies. This is an excellent question, but not an
easy one to answer.

The truth is the lack of scientific proof
concerning the pollen product comes down to the fact that too few scientific
studies have been done.

Most scientific studies are funded by big
corporations who want to patent a product.
Since it cannot be patented these companies really are not interested in
it or its health benefits.

While there is little or no scientific
evidence or studies that show that bee pollen for allergies is effective, there
is plenty of anecdotal evidence stating that it is indeed effective for
treating certain allergies.

The anecdotal evidence has proven to be so
strong that many medical practitioners suggest taking been pollen supplements
to their patients who suffer from seasonal allergies.

It seems to be saying something when
doctors recommend natural products for the treatment of a condition.

When Is The Best Time To Take Bee Pollen
For Allergies?

The best time to take it is before the
allergy season begins.

What little evidence there is seems to
suggest that starting on a pollen supplement several months before the allergy
season actually begins results in a higher rate of success than beginning that
allergy supplement a week or two before the allergens start to become airborne.

Many people have found that taking bee
pollen for allergies does help prevent them from suffering from pollen based

Others have found that while they still may
have allergic reactions these reactions are greatly reduced.

If seasonal allergies are making you sick
you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a pollen supplement.

How Airborne Particulates Affect Indoor Air Quality

Particulates in the air affect the nose, eyes, throat, and lungs of everyone in the vicinity. When someone has cardiovascular disease or a compromised immune system, these airborne and miniscule pieces of dust stimulate ongoing respiratory problems. These particles aren’t just caused by a dusty house. They can also be mold spores, pet dander, smoke, or pollen that trigger the onset of asthma. If the particles have carcinogenic chemicals attached, they have the potential to cause lung cancer.

Different Types of Particles

There are different types of particles. Particulate matter (PM) is a combination of liquids and solids. They consist of both organic and inorganic matter. They may contain metals, carbon, nitrates, sulfates, semi-volatile compounds, and even acids.

Particle size influences the way that particulates travel through the respiratory tract. How and where they deposit will determine the health affects, according to researchers. The finer the particulate, the deeper it is able to penetrate into the lungs. Coarse particles are trapped early and are deposited in the nose and throat. Unfortunately, fine and ultra fine particles are abundant. Due to their increases numbers, they actually have greater overall surface area which makes them considerably more toxic.

Inside of the home, people are exposed to PM on a regular basis. These may come from cigarettes, furnaces (especially wood burning stoves), and cooking. In addition, PM from the outdoors often enters the home. Since people spend most of their time inside of their homes, indoor exposure levels to PM are often high.

Some people are more susceptible to the adverse effects of particulate matter. In particular, people who have either cardiovascular disease or respiratory problems as well as the elder are more affected than others. Anyone who has asthma, respiratory infections, or bronchitis should be concerned about the level of particulates within their home. There is a great deal of research being done to understand why some groups experience more problems with PM than others. Active children move more air through their bodies per pound than adults do which makes them more vulnerable to PM exposure.

Exposure and Symptoms

Exposure to particulate matter causes symptoms that are similar to other environmental stimuli. These stimuli include molds, allergens, ozone, and other air pollutants. Determining the source of distress can be quite difficult.

A simple way to reduce or eliminate potential health problems due to PM exposure is to avoid being exposed to vehicle exhaust, wood smoke, cigarettes, and other sources of pollution. Pay attention to air quality alerts. If you find that you are experiencing respiratory problems or cardiovascular symptoms on alert days, talk to your health professional. Some symptoms include chronic coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, burning eyes, wheezing, or wheezing. It’s a good idea to arrange for a certified ductless air conditioning company to do an air quality test at your home, as well.

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