Gynostemma usage benefits and gynostemma hair loss prevention

The herb belongs to the cucumber family and some Chinese
refer to it as southern ginseng. The herb traditionally grows it in a mountain
region in the central china. The region is worldly known for the longevity of
the inhabitants and the low incidence of cardiovascular diseases. There was an
earlier believe that the lifestyle and the food eaten in the area contributed
to the peoples well being and longer life. However research has shown that one
herb was the factor accounting for the low occurrence of cardiovascular cases.

The herb is gynostemma. It works by emulsifying all the
cholesterol deposits that may have accumulated on vascular walls. Additionally
other benefits the herb has on the circulatory system include lowering the
level of blood pressure, reducing the effect of arteriosclerosis and decreasing
the amount of blood fats.

The herbs importance to cardiovascular health is worldly
known, but there are other benefits important in a person’s health, but less
known. As the herb is an adaptogen, it has a unique ability which can help you
to restore homeostasis or re-establish various body systems equilibrium. Some
of these body systems include the digestive nervous, cardiovascular, and
reproductive and the immune system. In addition to its ability of lowering the
bad cholesterol levels in the body, it also boosts the body immune system by
increasing the activity and the number of the white blood cells, strengthen the
body digestive system by assisting the liver in its function.

Because of its ability to directly stimulate the liver, it
helps in regulation of fat metabolism which is a contributing factor to the
body’s capacity in weight lose. Furthermore, health gynostemma contains
antioxidants, amino acids and minerals. This product is also safe for continuous
long-term usage.

The products health benefits

. Helps in the
maintenance of cardiovascular function by increasing the cardiovascular blood

. Gynostemma
properties enhance body recovery from some illnesses, fatigue and stress. It also
enhances the physiological functions.

. It strengthens
the body immunity therefore reducing the chances of acquiring a disease.

. It
strengthens the body cellular function and promotes the cell proliferation
therefore slowing down the aging process.

. It is also
important in the prevention of hair loss (gynostemma hair loss prevention) and
the formation of gray hair by increasing enzyme activity of the cell membranes
responsible for the nourishing of the hair follicles.

What are the functioning ingredients?

Gynostemma has similar components to those found in panax
ginseng. These components also known as saponins are the ones that give the
herb its adaptogenic properties. The herbs contain more times more saponins the
amount contained in panax ginseng herb.

The herb which the locals also refer to as the miracle tea
has a high level of amino acids, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium and
selenium. It also has high levels of powerful antioxidants properties, which
increase the levels of superoxide dismutase which is a stronger endogenous
cellular antioxidant. Some studies have also showed that the tea causes an
increase in the performance of natural killer cells, tlymphocytes and
macrophages. These make it useful in the prevention and treatment of tumors.

Gynostemma and blood pressure

The tea has the ability to restore balance and equilibrium
to all the five body systems: the immune system, the nervous system,
cardiovascular system, the reproductive and digestive system. This is a result
of its high saponin content. The saponins can lower hypertension and raise
hypotension and therefore keep the blood pressure at the normal range. Research
has been conducted to explain how these saponins regulate the blood pressure.
One major is explanation is that gynostemma stimulates production of nitric
acid which causes relaxation of blood vessels which then reduces the blood

Gymnostemma usage precautions

In study of animals it may have caused birth defects to the
babies born of mothers given gymnostemma during the pregnancy period. Although
there are no reports of the same in humans and therefore women who are pregnant
should avoid its usage.

There is inadequate information on how it might affect an
infant. Therefore you should avoid its use during breast feeding period or
during early childhood.

What are the side effects?

Its usage is associated with serious nausea. Also associated
with the herb is the chance of increasing bowel movements. However, there is no
one single consistent side effect that has been reported from its usage it may
have some effects which are yet to be known. If you happen to experience any
side effect, you should consider stopping its use immediately and tell your
doctor or pharmacist immediately.

Follow These Fat Burning Tips

If you are not aware that being overweight carries health risks, then you must have been living on a small island for a decade or two. Hardly a day goes by without a story in the media mentioning something associated with obesity. The thing is, all of this media coverage is actually helpful in getting the message out, and it must be working. The levels of obesity in the US have now stabilized, and rates in some European countries are slowing.

Even though these statistics are good news, for the individual who may be carrying extra weight, it can be difficult to do something about it. Humans have a tendency to get stuck in a rut, and as we get older, we often take the easy way out and stick to our normal routine. If we are overweight though, it is not good for our own life expectancy to ignore it.

Losing weight does not have to be difficult, and below are a fat burning tips.

– Putting on weight is down to two things that we consume; sugar and fat. Excess fat that we eat is stored, and the sugar we do not burn off is converted to fat cells to store away for the future. Simply by cutting down on our daily fat and sugar intake can help with weight loss.

– Use a fat burner such as Instant Knockout. There is nothing quicker or easier than using a fat burner that actually works. This one uses proven ingredients and has been created based on facts not fiction.
– Recent research from a number of sources has shown that walking is the best exercise. This means that people do not have to worry about embarrassing themselves at the local gym. Walking has been shown to not only burn the calories, but it also gives the heart a good cardio workout, and it helps to strengthen a lot of the muscles in the body. In order to build muscle, the body will convert fat cells.

– Drink more water. It has been shown that people who carry water around with them throughout the day actually eat less. Instead of having a snack, a few sips of water are usually enough to satisfy a need.

– Eat more bran. Bran is a fantastic food as it is not digested. It passes straight through the intestines, and this has been shown to improve overall health, and reduce the risk of colon cancer. The best thing about bran is that it makes you feel full, and yet adds no calories.

If these simple tips are followed, then it is possible to reach the tipping point which will change you from weight gain, to weight loss.

The nitty -gritty of how to cope with hypertension

High blood pressure, or hypertension as the disease is known medically, is our most common chronic illness. In the modern world where diseases of civilization are the order of the day, this disease affects a large fraction of the world’s population. Here are a few insights on how to cope with hypertension.

Reduce sodium intake

It has been recognized that sodium restriction lowered high blood pressure. Ordinary table salt is made up of sodium and chloride, and sodium is a major ingredient in many flavorings and preservatives. A strict low-salt diet such as the rice and fruit diet should be encouraged rather than high-salt ones. In reducing sodium intake—as in all aspects of lifestyle modification-common sense and moderation should prevail. It is also important to note that sodium is probably a contributing factor only among people who are salt-sensitive, i.e., whose blood pressure goes up or down as they eat more or less sodium.

Maintain a low or moderate alcohol intake

There is also evidence that an intake of more than 3 ounces of alcohol a day may increase the risk of developing high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. The good news is that alcohol in moderation is acceptable in most people, but drinking more than a few drinks a day might be harmful, not only to the brain and liver, but also to the cardiovascular system. One is therefore advised to avoid taking too much alcohol in order to keep hypertension at bay.

Lose excess weight

It has long been known that people who are obese have an increased incidence of high blood pressure. They also are more likely to have high blood cholesterol and to develop diabetes. Losing excess weight is essential in normalizing blood sugar level.

Increased physical exercise.

Moderate exercise, combined with weight reduction and a low-salt diet, is an important component in any nondrug treatment program for high blood pressure. Some studies have shown that increased exercise can produce a modest lowering of blood pressure. It also helps burn up some calories and control excess weight, and it adds to the sense of well-being.

Intake of antihypertensive drugs.

Antihypertensive drugs are also good for hypertension control. Unfortunately, many misconceptions persist regarding antihypertensive drugs; some of these are based on exaggerated reports of negative side effects. However, the truth of the matter is that these drugs are effective in controlling hypertension,


Diuretics, commonly referred to as water pills, lower blood pressure by increasing the kidney’s excretion of sodium, which in turn reduces the volume of blood.

All said and done, the most efficient way of coping with hypertension is eliminating its causes in our lives. Remember an ounce of prevention is better than an ounce of cure.